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I Can't Believe the Things you 're Tryin' to Say
Give me a Reason to Beg for Another Day
Whispering Songs, I 'm Sure I Heard your Name
Want to Forget but your Face in My Eyes Remains

Would you Come Around in This Town
Everything's Blurry Now
Put my Heart in the Ground, Hear the Sound
Everything's Fading Now

So Was it so Mad or Bad I Can't Decide,
You Were Mine
So Was it so Mad or Bad it Doesn't Mind
You Were Mine

I Can't Breathe Now Though I Pushed you Far Away
You Kept the Air and Desert me Here to Drain
Smothering Words, I 'm Sure I Heard your Claims
Bittersweet Love is the Breath you Inhaled in Me


from Dendrites, released September 21, 2016




Dendrites Greece

Southern Stoner Rock from Greece!

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